5 days to four weeks after birth

Nothing will ever come close to that ecstatic feeling of welcoming a child in your life. Hearing your baby’s first cry, adoring that childish smile – these are the most memorable chapters of your life you’ll want to treasure forever.

The first few weeks or months of your child’s life is a rapid unfolding of changes, discoveries, and realizations, and as a parent, we want to document this special stage. By booking a newborn photoshoot with your little one, you’ll enjoy professionally-taken photos of your teeny-weeny human and share them with your friends, families, and your children in the future.

Make sure to book a session with your photographer as early as possible, ideally right after you gave birth, so you can have the most terrific newborn photos of your child(ren) at 5 days to 4 weeks old.

Milestone (three, six, or nine months)

Documenting your baby’s growth doesn’t stop with the newborn photos. Children grow FAST, so if you want to record all those beautiful changes and growth, photograph them as they reach the ideal milestone months – three, six, and/or nine months. 

You’re guaranteed to be filled with pride as you enjoy leafing through your baby’s life progress, unique personalities, and candid smiles while viewing your baby’s quality milestone photos. 


Welcoming our kids to the Christian world is a huge milestone for us. It’s a celebration of welcoming God into the lives of your little ones as well as a reunion with family and friends. It’s only imperative that we take as many good photos as we can of this beautiful moment in your family’s life. Your smartphone is sitting pretty in your pocket or purse, ready to capture the best moments of this celebration.

In this time of need for good photos and splendid celebration, it’s advisable to hire a photographer for your baby’s christening date instead of taking the role of parent, host, and photographer all at the same time. You get to enjoy the celebration of your child’s christening without worrying about capturing good photos as memorabilia of the event.

Aside from that, the opportunity could also double as a chance for quality family portraits taken in natural settings.


Birthdays only happen once a year, so it’s a must to have good, classic photos to eternalize the memory of this wonderful celebration. The laughter and conversation with guests, friends, and family and the significant moment of your child as s/he makes new goals and dreams in life is something you shouldn’t take for granted. 

Get yourself a photographer that can document everything – from pre-birthday shoot to event coverage –  and in future’s time, you’ll be glad you have quality photos to remind you of your children’s special moments in life.