Thinking of what to wear for your maternity photos? Or what to dress your baby or kids for their photoshoot? Take a look at these outfit suggestions!


Tube dress or a summer maxi dress

Neutral strapless bra and seamless underwear

Lingerie sets

Camisole top and jeans (not maternity ones)

Buttoned shirt or blouse

  1. Avoid baggy or loose-fitting tops or dresses. You’ll want to highlight your belly, not hide it!
  2. Your outfit(s) will determine the number of poses you can do, so choose wisely.
  3. Avoid visually-distracting patterns or neon colors for your and your partner’s wardrobe. 
  4. Your partner can wear the usual jeans and simple button-down, cotton, or v-neck shirts.
  5. You can choose colors outside the neutral palette (creams, tans, whites), solid colors, and floral patterns.
  6. Pay attention to how your undergarments are seen through your clothing.

Babies (ages two weeks to one-year-old)


Frilly bodysuits


Simple lacey dress



Classic shirts and shorts (paired with a cute hat)

Knitted sweater or jumper

Tips for choosing outfits for your baby’s photos:

  1. Go for outfits that are comfortable and easy to remove like onesies or pajamas.
  2. Avoid neon-bright colors. The safe choices are neutral (white, beige, cream, etc.) and pastel colors (sky blue, lavender, light pink, etc.)
  3. Keep your baby’s outfit light so we can highlight your baby’s tiny frame.
  4. If a piece of clothing is not something your baby usually wears, remove it from your options.
  5. Don’t be afraid to adorn your little one with few accessories, such as headbands for girls and colorful socks for boys.

Kids (one-year-old and above)


Disney-inspired ensembles

Little flowy dresses

Fairy dresses

Blouse and skirt


Superhero costumes

Slogan shirt and jeans or khaki shorts

Long sleeves

Sweater and overalls

Tips to dressing your kids for their photos:

  1. Go for vibrant colors if you feel they match your child’s energetic personality.
  2. Bring out your kid’s unique fashion style with accessories such as beanies, sunglasses, and headbands.
  3. Feel free to play around with textures, materials, and patterns to create a unique look for your kid(s).
  4. Color-coordinate your child’s outfit to ensure they don’t look awkward in the photos.
  5. Run out of ideas? Use your child’s hobby or interest as an inspiration!